Let Go and Let God



1. You Are Amazing


2. Let God and Let God


3. Unfailing love


4. Psalm 23


5. I Sing This Song


6. Send Me A Friend


7. Good Love From Above


8. Cool Inside (featuring Johnnie Wilder, Jr.)


9. Because He Lives (featuring Wayburn Dean)


10. Harambé


11. Tell Me Why (interlude)



Joi reflects on her first recording, released March 1996: “I consider Let go and Let God a collection of meditation songs.  Selections like “You Are Amazing” and “Unfailing Love” are expressions of every Christian’s desire to experience the ultimate level of intimacy with God.  I think that’s why so many people relate to the messages on this project.  Some times we just need to take special time out of our hectic schedules and remember who God really is.  This album reflects moments like these.”


“I'm always experimenting, wanting to try new things for each album.  When I wrote Let and Let God, I was in a transitional period in my life.  I think the lyrics reflect hope and joy for the future and appreciation for God's hand in my life.


Produced by Johnnie Wilder, Jr for Shalonda Productions

Produced, Written, Arranged, and Performed by Joi Carr

© 1996 Joi Carr/Chara Music.