Heaven (Duets)


1. Goin’ Up Yonder (featuring Odolé Martins)


2. Walking in the Heavenly Light (featuring Dorian Paul Williams)


3. when you were three..Mommy (interlude)   



4. God Is The Rock (featuring Melo D Heirs)


5. Heaven (featuring Chris Turner)


6. Can’t Give Up Now (featuring Tamara Turner)


7. Abide In Me (featuring Jeff Murrah)


8. singin’ in the rain…Odolé (interlude)



9. Here I Am To Worship (featuring Odolé Martins)


10. In The Garden (featuring Wayburn Dean)  


11. remember when you joined the choir…Willie (interlude)



12. Jesus, I Love Calling Your (featuring Willie Norwood) 


13. I Love You (featuring Soul Purposed A Cappella)


14. you were our other daughter…Rosalyn (interlude)



15. Love Can (featuring Johnnie Wilder, Jr. posthumously)


16. it’s all in God’s will…Rosalyn (interlude)



17. More Than Wonderful (featuring Ronald Walker)


18. Thankful (featuring Angela Pugh)


19. so glad God gave me you…Ray (interlude)



20. And I Give You (featuring Eddie Miller)    


21. let’s sing for auntie…Sadé (interlude)



22. “We Love You, Dad” (Goin’ Up Yonder—Reprise)


Heaven (duets), her fifth solo recording, is one of her most personal yet. The album includes interludes that give a bit of insight into her personal life. This 2011 release was named Album of the Year by the Christian Acappella Music Association, CAMA Awards 2012. This recording features 13 duets with some of her favorite artists ranging from spoken word, contemporary gospel, and hymns: Wayburn Dean, Willie Norwood, Chris Turner, Jeff Murrah, Melo D Heirs, Soul Purposed, Odolé Martins, Eddie Miller, Angela Pugh, Tamara Turner, Ronald Walker, Dorian Paul Williams, and Johnnie Wilder, Jr. (posthumously on a track they began together).



Produced, Arranged, and Performed by Joi Carr

© 2011 Joi Carr/Chara Music.