1. Devotion


2. I'm Home


3. Holy Lord


4. No Not One…(interlude)



5. So Good To Know You


6. The Great I Am


7. Everyday


8. LOVE!


9. Jesus Wants…(interlude)



10. Walk Like You (featuring Christ Turner)


11. I Gladly Do


12. Hope


13. I Shall Not Be Moved


14. Oooh Love (interlude)




Devotion, Joi’s sophomore album and first one she produces, released March 1999, blends Jazz and Pop vocal arrangements with strong biblical messages. “Devotion simply celebrates the Lord and all the ways He sustains and enriches my daily existence,” she shares. The album features a collage of 11 songs that range from the elegance of “The Great I Am” to the upbeat traditional “I Shall Not Be Moved.”



Produced, Written, Arranged, and Performed by Joi Carr

© 1999 Joi Carr/Chara Music.